I'm collecting pins from Icehockey and Olympic Winter Games, all over the world, my special interests are the following:

Olympic Games Vancouver 2010

Icehockey pins

Olympic Games

I'm urgently looking for the following german TV media pins:

ARD/ZDF Los Angeles 1984 (3 versions)

ARD/ZDF Barcelona 1992 (rectangle version)

Olympic Icehockey pins - my special interest

NOC pins

IOC pins

Bid pins

Media pins

Participant badges & medals

Official badges


I urgently look for the old german Icehockey stick pin from EHC Düsseldorf!

World Championships (before 1970)

Icehockey federation pins worldwide

Participants Medals and badges

Old team pins from Germany


World Championship 2006 in Germany

FC Bayern

... and of course all the old rarieties of these categories !

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